Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Idea of words

    Hello little bird, you've been writing is it? and i've been reading, if you think that you mean everything that comes out of your mouth, just wait and see for my words. This words are meant to be said. haha *jokes* that bird will kill me. Hello there peps! Haven't posted a new entry lately have I, more than 3 years I think. Well, things might have been a lot easier back then. Haha Being in a place with full of people. Writing stop, the talking keeps on going.

Well guys, here I am again, still banging my head on the wall to make this silly brain of mine working, Gimme an Idea please. Ahhh, okay got it. Lets start again, How are you? doing fine is it? ahh, nice to know that. This blog is not for you to tell me about your life. This blog is for me to share mine. duuh. Shut up, and read. It will get as serious as as as if, right. hehe well, on my last entry, there's an extraordinary stuff happened right. I want to take that back, because what just happen to me, for the past 3 and half years, here. KELANTAN, my home town, (owwwhh, the Raubians would be seriously mad at me if they read this). My life here had its own ups and down, seriously, this is rather a random post, I'll get the details later, don't worry about that. I  tend to keep my words. Hehe

I am trying to write this because there's this little bird keeps on telling me that I kept on sharing my life on twitter, then the nagging start, owwhh the chirping can make you deaf, true story, scary is it, details will come soon, no worries readers. Right now I'll try to share my life here, its a lot more easier than sharing your personal life on twitter. Like when you posted something sad, like 'im all alone in a dark room' and suddenly someone fav your tweet, it feels like that person like when you're all alone, ohh man, you really like to see someone sad is it? *emo pulak* haha

That sharing is likely when you don't have someone to share, or you have, I know that the little bird would hear my thoughts and everything, but when I go to the explanation, It stopped me. And I was like, you want me to tell you, but could not even explain, then what do you want me to do, just cry like a baby, and then you comfort me, owh wait, that wont happen. haha and that is basically why I tend to share my sadness on twitter. Well, when I put it that way, it sounded more depressing right. Haha, That just seems wrong. But the point is, This life will never be a flying unicorn riding on a rainbow unless you want it to be.

My life has always based on motivational quotes and everything, my lines and words, usually from all it. Well guys, you must have your own code right? Too live, some of it is like. ' if you want things to change, you have to change' mine is never stop dreaming. It may sounds sad, but it kept me walking since. You have your own right, Sharing is caring. I will try to keep this blog alive, just remember to take care of yourself. Things will be different if you try to put an effort on it. ;)