Saturday, 20 June 2015

It is an OPTION.

Hello There,

     It always seems impossible until it's done, and it does seems impossible for me to write a new entry. But, I made it *yeay?* that surely is not the point. Okay guys, my last entry is about my friends, most of if. A special one at UiTM Machang, speaking of that place, finally. I've graduated!! *fireworks* *Alcoholic drink* okay the drinking part is not true nor the fireworks, it is just an expression. hehe  Well, on this holy month, it brings me to tears where it is not like before, and yes. Everything else were so different nowadays.

     At first, I felt old while having a conversation with my friends here. This year, i'm 22, and can you imagine, the age differences here. 3-4 years. So sad to think that i felt being in someone else shoes at the moment. My life as a student has finally stopped, and right now I'm working with the corporate communication unit. Having to deal with all of the staff problems here. Much more drama and dilemma in this world i'm living. When we gets older, life just have to give you a new meaning, where i'm by myself more than ever. I start thinking about myself. Before this, it is always about he/she/them, by that time. I felt so good, having some time to help a person even though it cost me a semester without knowing. Being alone gives you time to think about your self. Some of us did not want to be alone. why? because they were to afraid to think about themselves. They want others to think about them.

      Somehow in our life, we have to let our self free from this comfort zone. "Somebody once said, Everything in the world is just right outside your comfort zone. Everything you could possibly want" You should know that life is hard. You somehow get what you want, but not what you need. "Life is a fight. Don't let it overwhelm you. Adapt, and combat every situation it throws at you." This human world is full of fake people, full of people who do not want take any risks, and said that you're somebody, the truth is you're nobody.

      I've found that nothing in life is worthwhile unless you take risks.Fall forward. Every failed experiment is one step closer to success. You've got to take risks.You will fail at some point in your life. Accept it. You will lose. You will embarrass yourself. You will suck at something. There is no doubt about it. Never be discouraged. Never hold back. Give everything you've got. And when you fall throughout life, fall forward. Because, if you never fall, you have never woke up. I made a choice, to stay here for this long, I made a choice to choose my own friends. And right now I choose to be with me,myself and I.

   Friends, I hope you're doing your best right now, I'll pray for your finals, I'll pray for your happiness, I'll pray for your health and I'll pray that you guys wont forget me. This holy month is one of the reason that we became so close. You know why, we have all of the picture. Inside our handphone, and i believe it will be in your mind, forever. Be the best for every one, You have the power to change. I finally made mine.

hat are yours?

Thursday, 11 December 2014


Hello There,

          Let me tell you a story about friendship. Having this person through out my life here in UiTM Machang is one of the best thing that I could ever hope for. We came from different path. Each with their own story. As I like to say. 'we complete each other'. I've been here for almost 4 years. Yes, 4 years for a diploma holder is sort of sad. But having this sort of person is a blessing. I've been up and down. Some part of me said that I dont need to live like this. I need to be alone. A lone wolf. But a lone wolf would end up dead instead. A pack of wolf would make it stronger. Alone we can do little, but together we can do more. Something like that. I could not remember. Ya Allah, how grateful I am to be with all of this person.


Truth and tears clear a way to a deep and lasting friendship, True Friends are difficult to find, hard to leave and impossible to forget. When all the seasons will be dry, when all the birds leave the sky, when all the friends say you, Goodbye..You will found  me there say HI. A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the BEST THINGS you can BE! Hold a true friend and dont let go for a true friend comes once in a lifetime. Well guys, years will be pass and moments too, but we will still be beside each other. Just like always we have been. Maybe some of you doesn't feel this deep feeling that I've been talking about. But bear this in mind. This are the person that i care more than my self.



 Today, I have to live my life here alone. Without them, some of them had finally graduated from UiTM. Sort of awkward, having to walk alone, without a laugh to share, a smile to shine. Its like a full moon, with a cloud covering it. You know its there, but you can't see it. Its better if you can't even see it. Oh dear friend, I miss you so much, half a year we spend time together, but this is a road I have to walk Alone. A road with the strength that I have to built. Therefore you guys have build a wall for us to stay in, but unfortunately I broke it, and left.

I can't make everyone happy, when I care too much, it hurt. When you care about me, I became worried. Worried that I can't accomplish what you want. It hurt in the inside know that you guys care soo much for me. I thank you for that.


We do not remember days, we remember memories, some of this picture is part of my life. I'm living in a dream that I dont want to wake up when I am with all of this person. A dream that only the dreamer cherish. Dear God, please make our friendship last. Please make it one of the best thing that had happen through my friends life. Because one day, I want to share this picture with my kids or my grandchild, and tell them. That Father/ Grandfather has the best of the best friend a person could ever ask. And by that time, I cried, remembering the memories I had spend with them.
And of course.
Keeping It Till Akhirat
Love from: PALI